Neil Johnson

Also known as Bam Bam, Neil is the pounding heart of Flyer.  With an incredible voice that was built for rock and roll, he takes the lead on many of our most demanding tunes.  Besides keeping Flyer in rhythm, Neil ensures U.S. air dominance by keeping the production line of America's newest fighter jet humming.

Vintage Ludwig Drums
EC2 Evans Drum Heads
Zildjian Cymbals, "K's" and Custom "A's"
Vintage Zildjian 1970's 15" Hi-Hat's
Zildjian Dip Sticks

Patrick Walsh
Bass  Guitar

Patrick is the newest additio
n to Flyer.  Formerly in River Phoenix's band, he brings wide ranging influences.  From jam bands like The Grateful Dead and Widespread Panic to heavy metal icons Iron Maiden and Motorhead to the funk of Parliament and Sly and The Family Stone, he is the rock-solid anchor of the rhythm section.

Schecter Diamond Series and Hohner Basses
Hartke Amps and Cabinets

Steve Kincaid 
Keyboards/Acoustic Guitar

Dr. Steve is at home on a piano, organ, or synth.  He covers the jazz phrasings of Steely Dan, the blues riffs of Chuck Leavall, and New Orleans boogie of Jon Cleary.  He's not a pilot, but he rides on airplanes almost every day.

Korg Triton Extreme88
Nord Clavia Electro 2
Korg Triton ProX
Fender Hot Rod DeVille

Mark Bradley
Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Guitarus Maximus.  With chops to spare and a smooth rock voice, Mark brings out the best of every song.  His driving solos always build excitement.  When he's not on the stage, Mark teaches pilots how to fly 767's.

Fender Stratocaster
Gibson Les Paul
Gibson Acoustic
Mesa Boogie Mark IV
Fender Hot Rod Deville

Lex Lauletta
Acoustic and Electric Guitars/Harmonica

Lex's warm guitar tones, soulful harp, and distinctive vocals  expand every mix.  His smooth rhythms are the underpinnings of all Flyer tunes.  Lex can also be found in the cockpit of  a Boeing 767.

Fender Stratocaster
Fender Telecaster
Gibson Les Paul
Danelectro Twelve String
Taylor Acoustic
Marshall JCM 800
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe